Make your home and the earth cleaner

Aloha, I'm Mike and I love to spend all year round on my surfboard. But even tough surfers need a cozy and, above all, clean house. I don't like all that mess of cleaning: big plastic bottles and disposable wipes, yuck! Fortunately, Sorbo helps me to tackle that wave.


Cleaners 1-2-3

It works this easily:

1. Sachet

Put the entire sachet into an empty, clean spray bottle.

2. Water

Fill the bottle with 500 ml of tap water.

3. Shake

Shake briefly until the sachet has dissolved, and you are ready to clean!

Less plastic, more cleaning

Did you know that cleaning products mainly consist of water? It's a shame to transport all that of course! I swear by homemade cleaning products, such as the cleaning sachets. They only contain the cleaning power. All you have to do is add tap water and your favorite spray bottle.


Small and powerful

I like to go barefoot, but of course it has to be a bit clean for that. That's why I always take my favorite cleanign sachets with me: small enough to put in my bag, but powerful enough to clean my entire beach house!


This is how you clean sustainably

Do you also feel that you only make more mess while cleaning, with all those disposable items and chemical cleaners? Then read our tips to make your cleaning more sustainable.


Every room super clean

I hear you thinking: homemade cleaning agent, that can never be strong enough for stubborn food residues or limescale. Well, count on it. The sachets are highly concentrated cleaners, so by adding water you really unlock that cleaning power. And for the bathroom and kitchen there is a separate cleaner with extra power against limescale or grease.

And for the other stains and spots..

Cleaning is not a fun job, but oh, how good you feel in a clean house! Fortunately, with our cleaners you can clean all places in one swipe. In addition, we also have helpers for other stains and spots that do the hard cleaning work for you. Take a quick look at our other heroes and enjoy a clean and fresh house!